Sunday, June 30, 2013

School Zone with Moxxie

Sunday greetings to you!

It's not often that I post on a Sunday but today is my day over on the Moxxie blog.  We are so spoiled and get to select certain lines that we might want to work with and one of them that I knew I wanted is called School Zone.

It's perfect for creating a Pre-K - Graduation album for your kids. I knew that I wanted to do this and made sure to pick up extra sheets and stickers all at once so I have lots to choose from.

Our oldest just graduated Pre-School and is heading to Kindergarten this fall.  I plan to capture all of the special things along the way and include them in a recap of the school year in his book.

Here is the kick off with his Pre-School graduation page:

I don't know if you're like me, but sometimes I can get "stuck" on special pages. Today I decided to just dive in -- feel the moment in the photo and capture exactly what it was, right then, in that place.

The circles of time, the changes in direction, the shift of the photo...  it's all emotion. Strange how that comes right out. It was fun to play with this collection, adding a few tidbits of my own into the mix and really focus in on the photo. 

Here is a detail shot so you can see some of the stickers that I used here along with an Epiphany Crafts Epoxy Round 25 to highlight a handprint for a "High 5!" The handprints are on the reverse of this PreSchool paper.

Moxxie Ingredients:
School Zone Collection (Stickers, Rub-Ons and Papers) - Moxxie
Chillin' Out Collection (Stickers and Papers) - Moxxie

If you have a school age child or need to create a school years book, you definitely want to ask your LSS to bring this collection in.  It's seriously fantastic!

Have a fabulous weekend!
~ Rhonda

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Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

I love this page! Great idea to add some of the Chillin' Out line to this page!