Saturday, May 29, 2010

Growing Up Fast and Vacation!

It's interesting how you hear cliche comments and don't think much of them until they happen later to you and then you have an "aha" moment!  Yes, I will admit that today, I am a total victim of this. 

As I reviewed our recent photos of the boys, I discovered quickly that I do not see much of a glimmer of 'baby' at all anymore in my 2.5 year old.  That's ok, it's exciting to see him grow and change but in that brief moment, a slight panic sets in...  one that makes you fear that you're missing things because life sometimes just feels like it moves too quickly. 

I've been a little missing in action this past week.  We took a week for vacation and decided to go the "staycation" route and work on some home projects.  I got a little break in all of this action and finally got some scrappy time in too.  I will post that fun scrappy stuff on Sunday! 

I hope you have a very safe and fun long Holiday weekend!  Thank you so much for stopping on by!


Maggi said...

He is such a doll! Toot is starting to lose her baby look too. *sob* lol This layout is gorgeous! Love that hand stitching!

Andrea said...

It's so sad when they start growing up!! It's bittersweet I guess!!! Anyway, gorgeous LO!!

Kelly Massman said...

What a darling layout! Love the picture!

Liz said...

Great sketch love your take that is adorable photo