Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Musings

Greetings!  I survived another week in the Big Scrapper House - can you believe it??!  I almost can't!  So I didn't win at Bingo which was a slight downer, but it's all good in 'da house.  Now we have split into teams and all I can say is "GO BIG RED!"  : )

I suppose only the true diehard Nebraska Cornhusker fans can appreciate that one.  I experienced Nebraska Cornhusker mania when I lived in Omaha for a few years.  I have fond memories of game day when all the folks would get their flags out, you'd see people tailgating up and down all over the place.  It truly is something to behold!  Fall is definitely in the air.

For this week...  we can scrap anything...  so off I am to get my thinking cap on!  Have a great day!

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