Saturday, September 19, 2009


I started my week out on Wednesday with my 'preliminary' ScrapFest09 experience.  I was lucky enough to get a space for a Cosmo Cricket sponsored chipboad album class at the Scrapbook Store of St. Paul which his now relocated in Circle Pines.  Now this wouldn't seem to be that big of a deal to some, however to me it was huge!  I love their papers and was so excited to get the opportunity to meet Julie and Lindsay.  I love their blog! 

They were a little late getting in from the airport.  Our class began at 4pm and they didn't arrive until 5:30 - however we had such a very good time making the album!  When they arrived they were so much fun and made the class completely worth every second.  The ScrapFest classes were completely booked and it was a special treat to get to take one that was in a much smaller scale and comfy shop.

I'll post some photos so you can sneak a peek at their awesome "Holly by Jolly" papers for Christmas.  I have some tweeks to do on my album, but you'll get the general feel for it.

Rhonda and Lindsay

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petunia670 said...

Love the photos and the 3 ring binder. At least you took pictures! (I might super impose my head in there to simulate UT trip! :)