Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Scrapper House - Week 7!

This past week has been about the biggest whirlwind that I can recall in a longggg time!  Our Red and Blue Teams in the Big Scrapper House had a big scrap-a-thon.  Toss into that mix a little twist up, where our Red team earned a choice that eventually helped our team prevail...   Do you want 15 more points for your total, or to take away 5% of the opposing teams score?  That was the question!

Joyce on our team chose the 5% option very wisely and in the end ...  we won by all of 2.5 points!  Next came the elimination drawings.  Six from the blue team and four from the red team.  We were all on pins and needles for each team was going to sadly have some members leave.  Today there are a total of 7 scrappers still in the house.   Drum roll please.....   I'm so excited to report that I (and Jodi!) are still in the house!!!  Yes, I am completely stunned and amazed that I am still in the house! 

I've gotten my scrappy assignment for this week and will be busy working on it tonight!

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Sandra said...

Hey made it!! Congratulations! We'll be fighting tooth and nail for the finals. ha! I'm thinking about what I'm going to scrap this week and hoping I make it through to week 8. Good luck and thanks for the love on my blog. :)