Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun Stuff!

Happy Saturday to you!

First up, I have to share a few fun pictures of my boys.  I now am the Mother of a 5 year old!  Seriously, how did that happen already?   It's cliche to say how fast the time flies and how quickly they grow...   however it's so very true.  Not one thing prepares you for it either.

His little brother...  who is 5 tooooo! (Ok, really he is still 3.)

We all survived the big jump party and then the next day it was on to the climbing wall!  Once he turned 5, he could finally climb at the club.  Watch for a project very soon on that!  : )

I also have a fun crafty project to share with you using some Jenni Bowlin Studio papers on a Canvas Corp Corrugated 12x12.

I just love this picture of the boys Grandpa (my Dad) out on the farm in the spring.  The Seeds and Grain paper was the perfect compliment to this photo and had to be used.  I try to get a picture of the boys with Grandpa every visit  and plan to make a nice calendar for him with them.  

Whenever I get a little homesick, I go to these pages and they make me feel a little better, a bit closer to home.  I think that's the comfort part of scrapping, it soothes the soul.

Hoping your weekend is fabulous in every way!  Make it super scrappity!!!
~ Rhonda


Liz said...

Ahh great layout.. yes they grow to fast

Michelle said...

This is a wonderful page. I am glad it helps soothe the home sick feeling. :) Yes, they do grow fast. I wish I could slow down time. I can't believe my littlest will be 6 in 6 weeks! Can I stop the clock now?? LOL ;)