Friday, August 28, 2009

Scrapping Smart - Tips to Stretch Your $'s

This helpful tip is courtesy of my good friend Des!  I was in Archiver's today to use a coupon for buy 2, get 2 free from their "Hot Spot".  So, the final price on the four items becomes $4 or a buck each.  How can you refuse that??!! 

I found some word bling and started digging into the basket, searching for the longest word or name that I could find in the color that I wanted.  I ended up with "snowman".  To use it, I will cut the bling apart and use pieces individually. Des really scored and found "mackenzie" at her local dollar store.  You can never tell where you will find a great scrap deal! 

Ok, this works best:
  1. Only if you don't have anyone with that name you would be tempted to scrap it for.  : )  
  2. If you are not a bling snob;  you know who you are! ha ha!
I just loved this money saving tip and it is so obvious, yet out of the box!  Thanks Des!

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